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Hi all. The Victorian Essential Services Commission has released two draft reports on the subject -Rates Capping-

Would you all please spread the word around via media, Facebook friends, Twitter, verbally where possible or email this to others.

Rates could be set next year at 3.05% & reducing to 2.85% in 2017-18.
Future Inflation forecast to run at or around 2.75%.

The rate rise for 2015-16 for the Cardinia Shire Council is 5.5%. Your rate notice is in the mail now. Look out for it and work out your percentage increase from last year.

What do you get for your rates payment ?

However their is an out for Councils via a process of a Variation. An additional figure above the set figure.

Report 1. A Blueprint for change Local Government Rates Capping & Variation Frame work Review - Draft Report - Volume 1. July 2015.

Report 2. Local Government Rates Capping & Variation Frame Work Review - Draft Report Volume 2 - Supporting Material and Analysis. July 2015.

Public Responses due 28 August 2015.

- Rates Capping Calculation.
- Wage Increase Calculation.
- The Commission using old statistics.
- The Commission Assuming Councils will fully communicate & involve its Ratepayers.
- ESC Reviewing Councils each year.

The Victorian Essential Services Commission
Draft Report - Vol 1 Draft Report - Vol 2