Issue No. 8  November 2008

Cardinia Shire Council Elections


Bill Ronald
Brett Owen
Collin Ross

Ed Chatwin
Catherine Manning
Gloria O'Connor

In support of Residents and Ratepayers

Cardinia Shire Council Election
Most ratepayers and residents will be aware that there is to be a Council election in November 2008. We have seen a marked improvement in our Council since 2005. Some major issues have been successfully resolved due to the efforts of three councillors endorsed by CRRA in 2005. But, as we all know, correcting a very unsatisfactory situation takes time and the debt that escalated from $18 million in 2002 to a forecast $49.7 million in 2005 under the management of a former Chief Executive Officer and a compliant 6-1 Council remains as an ongoing financial burden still to be dealt with.
Many candidates will nominate for the coming election. Ratepayers and residents will need to vote carefully in order to ensure there will be a cohesive and focused Council in place to deal with the serious challenges of the next four years. A return of the old regime would be a backward step.

Questions for Ratepayers
Why do we pay rates calculated as a charge on the value of our property? What do we expect in return for the amount paid? Is this a fair and equitable means of collecting revenue to fund the enormous demands now placed on local government? Should municipal rates be capped at a reasonable level?

The Cardinia Residents and Ratepayers Association was formed in November 2003 by a small group of concerned ratepayers.
The following are our aims:-

  • To act in the best interest of all ratepayers and residents in the Shire of Cardinia.
  • To create a network facilitating communication, co-operation and support among ratepayers and residents, town groups and community groups within the Shire of Cardinia.
  • To function as an educational body and to disseminate information on issues and processes affecting or concerning the Shire of Cardinia.
  • To work for equity for ratepayers and residents throughout the Shire of Cardinia.
  • To work for accountability in the administative process of Cardinia Shire, all tiers of government and other relevant bodies.
  • To work for improved democratic process and public participation in local government.
  • To put LOCAL back into local government.
Issue No. 8 NOVEMBER 2008

Traffic Gridlock
The pressures of urbanisation are being felt in all sections of Cardinia Shire. None more so than Pakenham where traffic congestion is increasing and shortage of carparking space in the central business district is a major issue. The incoming Council should urgently consult with business group representatives to identify some solutions. A bit of lateral thinking and community input could be included.

At a recent 'Meet the Candidates' evening arranged by the association, members had a chance to hear new aspirants for council talk on their background aspirations for Cardinia Shire and what they would do if elected. Apart from Ed Chatwin and Brett Owen no other councillor attended and most, not surprisingly did not have the good manners to reply to the invitation. One of the many items discussed was the apparently co-ordinated effort to demonise CRRA as a subversive, politically driven group. The vehemence of some letters to the papers criticising CRRA and it's supporters is laughable but also disturbing in the inaccuracy of the information expressed. We all know the principles of the association which is non-political and was founded by concerned residents and ratepayers to counter and remedy the pathetic performance of the then council, the town clerk and sundry other luminaries. Cardinia is a better place thanks to CRRA members, their efforts and concern. SPECIAL THANKS TO 2 FORMER CRRA COMMITTEE MEMBERS Ed Chatwin and Brett Owen, they have both achieved a great deal for their constituents

Should rates be capped at a reasonable level


Desalination plant & Powerline concerns.

who elected them, by sticking to the principles they helped formulate for themselves and CRRA!

CRRA preferred candidates are listed on page 1 of this Newsletter.

Gaming Machine Venues
The Council survey of community opinion on electronic gaming machines (EGM) gave a clear message that there should be no increase of EGM’s in Cardinia Shire. Two of the three gaming venue applications have been withdrawn. The remaining application will no doubt be revisited once there are enough customers in the Officer district.

Drinking Electricity
Rural residents in Cardinia Shire are voicing strong concern about the proposed Wonthaggi desalination plant overhead powerlines (Pylons) cutting across their properties. The State government hearing of the Environmental Effects Statement is currently being held in Pakenham (Cardinia Cultural Centre) daily until 14th November. Over 200 submissions were received which are available for viewing at the public hearing.

Pakenham Golf Course
Friends of Three Creeks Community Reserve (FTCCR) was recently formed as a volunteer working group to group to offer assistance to the Council for the long awaited community open space parkland project covering the Pakenham golf course and adjoining land. Melbourne Water will advise the extent of the area required for water management and conservation of frog habitat in the Deep Creek environs. A masterplan will be prepared by Council for the future of the site that will include planting of trees, pathways and wetlands area. This is very good news for the ratepayers and residents of Cardinia Shire and especially for the Growling Grass Frogs! The community will be invited to have a say about the Masterplan, and in the meantime, more Friends of Three Creeks Community Reserve will be very welcome. To join FTCCR, phone Terry on 5941 2695.

Peat gone

CRRA Membership Renewal 2008/09
Financial membership year ends 30th November 2008. Renewal is due 1st December onwards. If you have overlooked 2008 renewal, please ensure renewal for 2009.


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